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About the Singapore Legal History Resource

Since Singapore’s founding as a British colony in 1819, our legal system has been constantly evolving to meet the rapidly changing needs of the island city. This evolution and the people behind it are introduced in the Singapore Legal History Resource, an online platform for researchers, students and members of the public to conveniently access information on Singapore’s legal history.

The information on this website is drawn from the book Essays in Singapore Legal History. Content is arranged according to themes, and not in chronological order.

The Singapore Legal History Resource is developed and maintained by the Singapore Academy of Law.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Legal and Constitutional History of Singapore
Chapter 2 The Development of the Court System
Chapter 3 Legal Education in Singapore
Chapter 4 The Legal Profession in Singapore
Chapter 5 A History of the Singapore Legal Service
Chapter 6 The Reception of English Law
Chapter 7 The Development of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

For those who require more in-depth information about Singapore’s legal history, the Singapore Academy of Law has published a series of legal heritage books including:

Legal Tenor: Voices from Singapore's Legal History (1930-1959)

The Law in His Hands: A Tribute to Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong

SAL Conference 2011: Developments in Singapore Law between 2006 and 2010 – Trends and Perspectives

Legal Legacies: The Story of Singapore Law

The First Chief: Wee Chong Jin - A Judicial Portrait

Essays in Singapore Legal History

From Foundation to Legacy: The Second Charter of Justice

Please visit our e-bookstore if you wish to order any of these titles.